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Easy communication

Easy communication

Easy communication

Community message board

Stay up-to-date on announcements, join activities, exchange knowledge and participate in discussions with fellow members of a community through the message board.


Start new conversations with ease and manage all conversations in your Panion inbox. Group chat coming soon.

Automate engagement options

Customizable email and notification alerts drive engagement around activities and content within an event or community. Users can opt-in or out as desired.

Intuitive administration


Intuitive administration

Easy onboarding

Create a profile and start browsing interesting activities and members within minutes.

Community announcements

Keep your community in the know by making community-wide announcements. Or target announcements to a group of community members with a specific interest or in a certain location.

Community branding

Personalize and brand your community with the logos, images and color scheme of your choice. Add a community description and link to your homepage.

Efficient moderation

Panion gives community administrators access to an array of tools to facilitate moderation, community-building and engagement. Use polls, birthday alerts, customized personality questions, and pre-written templates for recurring tasks, such as welcoming a new member to a community.

Valuable data insights

Valuable data insights

Valuable data insights

Aggregated and segmented data

Aggregated user data provides instant insight into your community’s top interests, most popular activities, and overall social behaviors to help you better serve your community’s needs. This data can be further segmented by location and gender to gain even more granular views of your member base.

Community engagement and well-being scores

Our unique algorithm tracks the overall engagement of each member in your community to help you recognize power users and those who might be feeling more isolated. Using sentiment analysis, personality profiling and non-intrusive user surveys, we are able to gauge the overall mental health of your community over time.

Community connectivity map

The Panion social connectivity map visualizes community integration. As community members use Panion to meet each other, the map tracks how these connections multiply and intersect.

Member engagement

Engaged members

Member engagement


Panion members can join one of many public interest-based communities to increase the likelihood of meeting a like-minded person who shares a common interest. 

Member-driven gatherings

Organize spontaneous get-togethers (in-person or virtual) around a specific activity or interest within a community or based on location.

Organization-driven events

Communities can host events and event organizers can manage communication with attendees, volunteers, and/or coordinators.

Smart scheduling

Activities on Panion can easily be integrated into your Google, iCal, or  Outlook calendar so social events are seamlessly scheduled around other commitments.

Meaningful interactions

Meaningful interactions

Meaningful interactions

Personalized profiles

Personalize your Panion profile with photos and by answering fun personality questions. Then add keyword interests and values to make it more findable.

Mutual connections

Add friends to your network to gain access to theirs. View your mutual friends on other people’s profiles.

Member matchmaking

Our unique algorithm matches people within a community for a spontaneous coffee or lunch date.

Curated content

Panion’s algorithm ensures that you only see the most relevant people and activities when browsing the app and continuously learns your preferences over time.

Intelligent searchability

Intelligent searchability

Intelligent searchability

Member and activity filtering

It is easy to find exactly what you’re looking for on Panion whether you’re filtering for a specific type of activity, a person who shares an interest, or trying to find someone in your area.

Keyword tags

Keywords enable you to find relevant people and activities in the app. Panion provides you with a wide range of keywords that can be added to profiles and activities to make them findable.

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