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Panion is a great way to find people to join in your favorite activities. Find a new tennis partner, someone to cook dinner with, or a motivating workout buddy for the gym. What kind of friend would you like to find?

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Discover Chat Meet
Discover Chat Meet
Discover Chat Meet
Discover Chat Meet
Discover Chat Meet

Discover. Chat. Meet.

Panion uses your social network to curate a list of potential friends and relevant activities in your area.

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Explore by scrolling through profiles and finding those with overlapping interests.

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Search by keyword for people who are excited about the same things as you.

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Meet up and nerd out together about your common passions and hobbies.

It’s that simple!

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Create a gathering!

Looking for people to join your Mario Kart tournament? Beach volley game? Jam session? Sci-fi-movie night? Panion has you covered.


With Gatherings you can suggest spur-of-the-moment activities and find like-minded people who want to join in the fun.


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Just be you

Your personality is made up of a unique combination of interests, values, and experiences.


Tag your profile with keywords that bring out the true you, and Panion proposes compatible users for face-to-face meetups and shared activities.


So what are you passionate about?


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