Community Guidelines

Panion is a platform for creating genuine platonic connections. We are NOT dating platform. We are a community that should inspire each other and revolve around mutual respect. You're always welcome to the community provided you agree to the following Panion Community Guidelines:



  • Please promote positive speech on the platform and do not engage in hate speech or discrimination.
  • Please respect peoples' differences and be considerate towards other panions.
  • Be empathetic, we all come from different backgrounds and express ourselves differently.
  • Your speech should not harass other panions both on and off the Panion platform.


  • Agree not to use Panion for financial solicitation, or running any manner of physical or emotional scams.
  • Be honest, kind and respectful to others.


  • Do not send irrelevant messages to other panions.
  • Do not continue to message users who have not yet responded.
  • Do not use Panion for commercial purposes or to push a personal agenda or company products to other users.

Sexual Conduct

  • Your Panion profile should adhere to and reflect the guidelines of the community.
  • You should not promote nudity or sexually explicit content on the app.
  • Panion standards must be maintained both on and off the Panion platform.


  • Your Panion profile should be a true representation of who you are. Be yourself. Panion is about celebrating what makes us unique.
  • Do not catfish other Panions or pretend to be someone you're not.

Age Limit

  • All Panion account holders must be over 17 years of age. Users who are at least 12 years of age, but under the age of 17, may only use Panion with a legal guardian's consent.

Reporting Violations

  • To keep the community safe, everyone must be vigilant about reporting violations. We are all jointly responsible for maintaining the Panion community.


  • Please provide constructive feedback instead of angry reviews.  We are all co-creators of Panion. Please help our team improve the Panion experience by reporting bugs, errors, and suggestions to