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The customer-centric strategy
for retention and growth.

Build a relationship with your customer

Build a relationship with your 

Customer acquisition is 5x more expensive than customer retention. With Panion, you can improve retention and strengthen loyalty by encouraging meaningful engagement and providing relevant and timely communication that puts the customer at the core of your business. 

Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth

Transform your customers into advocates. Offer special perks to power users who help grow your community. Dramatically improve lead conversion with an immersive virtual experience. 

Provide an experience, not just a product

Provide an experience, not just a product

Encourage customers to connect through a shared product experience and captivate them with relevant communication based on their interests. Create additional value to your brand by fostering a sense of inclusion. 

Save time and money on research

Save time and money on research

Did you know that existing customers spend 31% more than new customers? Replace overly complicated marketing tools and find out what your customers actually like and want. Make data-driven choices with analytics that drive repeat sales. 

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Adapt your business based on data from your customers through a platform where they can express their wants and needs. 



As your business grows, we’ll remain by your side. With our flexible technology we’ll help you meet the specific needs of your brand.

The world’s simplest
community engagement tool

Simple to use

Anyone can connect with other members, host an event or propose a spontaneous activity.

Easy to administer

Assign administrators, coordinators, and volunteers to your community or individual events.

Easily searchable

Finding members and the information they share is seamless and efficient.

Quick setup

Onboarding takes minutes and our intuitive features means there’s no learning curve.


We ensure the utmost security for your data and offer built-in privacy settings for your members.

Built for mobile

While work is often easier on your computer, staying social has become a more naturally mobile experience.

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