Creativity and Gratitude Turns Loneliness Into Solitude
What do you do when you move to a new location and not actively looking for friends but you still crave connection? Drew Teller explores how he navigated moving to a new country and the two main practices that kept him going and that eventually led to meeting many new people.
Cultural values strengthen friendships. Photo by Alama Creative
Understanding loneliness across the continents is helpful in improving the way we connect with people from other cultures. Loneliness may be an epidemic but there is more to how we got here and how we can remedy the situation. We take a look at how Africa views loneliness and explore some of the myths involved.
Making Friends at Work: The Unwritten Rules
A third of our lives will be spent at work, and considering that the other third is spent sleeping, there is really not much time left to socialize and create a well adjusted social life. That is why its important to make friends at work and try to maintain these friendships. But how do we go about it, is it even...
Making “Close” Friends: Why Proximity Matters
Friendships are a core part of our lives and help us to be well adjusted. However, in today's society the struggle in creating lasting friendship leaves us with more questions on how to improve how we relate. In my quest to establish how to make friends, I realized that physical and emotional proximity help immensely...
Alone in desert
Friendships can no longer be defined by the number of years you've been friends, its becoming more apparent that in the 21st century all of us need to consider the idea of short-term friendships. We have to open ourselves up to the possibility of having close friends that we know will only last for a short while.
Johnny holding d20 dice.
As an adult, keeping up with friends from back home can be difficult, especially if you've fallen out of touch over the years. But the common bonds you had growing up are probably still there. Read Johnny's story of how he reconnected with an old friend through their shared childhood interest of fantasy worlds.