Woman checking her phone for messages
Tips and tricks for recognizing the signs of catfishing and understand how you can tell if your online friend’s profile is authentic. Advice on meeting your online friend in real life and learn how to keep yourself safe.
Woman eating alone in a restaurant, smiling
Eating alone can be scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, going solo to a restaurant can also be a fulfilling and satisfying experience. Here a guide to eating alone and suggestions on how to overcome the intimidation factor.
Two female friends laughing together
Putting in the work to develop a true friendship is so rewarding. Understanding the three fundamental pillars of a true friendship can help you build lasting relationships with friends.
New City, New Me: The Art Of Reinventing Yourself
Reinventing yourself isn’t easy, but it can be fun! So what happens when you’re in a new city and suddenly have the opportunity to refresh and reinvent yourself in a new direction? There are a million opportunities that await in a new city, and a new you is one of them. Read on to discover the art of reinventing...
Age Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Making Friends Online
Loneliness can feel even more pronounced as we age. Children leave the nest, friends move on to other jobs and locales, and the people we love pass away. Luckily, technology can help us connect with each other through these periods of vulnerability. That’s precisely what Panion helps individuals all over the world do.
New friends smiling
Making friends while living abroad is no easy task. Between language and culture barriers, it might seem easier to simply stick to your own kind — but that’s no way to travel! In order to make the most of your time away from home, follow these few simple rules to open yourself up, make friends, and build connections...