apps to meet people in 2020 making friends
Wellness isn't just exercise and eating right. Start 2020 by building meaningful connections and community with new friends.
Group of students sitting together at college
Feeling nervous about starting college and making friends? No fear! We're here with tips for how to make friends in college.
People partying at a club
Whether you're just visiting Stockholm and looking to have a cocktail (or two), or perhaps you're an expat and craving a night of swaying to the beats, we've put together this guide for partying in Stockholm, Sweden.
Woman sitting alone looking out at water and mountains
"There’s an important distinction to be made between thinking you’re okay traveling on your own and actually being okay traveling on your own. House sitting taught me the difference."
Stockholm streets with old buildings and woman on a bike
As an expat, there are a few 'typical' Swedish habits that you come to learn about and understand. Here are five pieces of Swedish culture that might seem a little strange to Swedish newbies.
Three female friends smiling together
There’s a common assumption that in order for a relationship to be a  "true friendships" it needs to last a long time. In reality, a real friendship can be sincere, impactful, and at once, temporary.