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Work-life Balance While Remote: 6 Quick Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Started

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Remote work has crashed into the lives of thousands of office workers in the last couple of months. This effective measure could help companies minimize risk and keep operations running as smoothly as before. However, this type of work is not easy for everyone to adapt to, and could seriously harm your productivity

Have you been feeling recently that there is no longer a boundary between your work tasks and personal life? Working days are getting longer, your “to-do” list is still full and weekends do not differ much from weekdays anymore.


Don’t stress out, we got you covered with some effective and proven tips on how to maintain balance and avoid burnout while working remotely.


Keep The Morning Routine - Just Twist It

Commuting to your workplace has always been an essential part of your daily routine, and being at home could mean saving tons of time. That is what the majority of regular office workers thought when it came to the necessity of working from home.


For many, it ultimately didn’t result in a successful and productive morning, but more time spent in bed instead, and, as a result, increased procrastination and wasted hours. Don’t consider grabbing your laptop in bed as a time-saver - you’ll end up scrolling your feed for hours before you know it. 


The morning routine has become a sort of ritual, helping us to get our thoughts and courage together and begin working. Keeping it while working from home is vital if you don’t want to waste the whole day in bed.


Take an early morning walk in a park or, even better, take an online gym class, make yourself a cup of coffee - and you’re fully ready to get started. 


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Watch Yourself - And Your Smartphone

Self-discipline is the key to setting up a remote work environment. This relates to everything you enjoy and got used to doing at home - especially the Instagram feed or your YouTube subscription.


Set an amount of time you can let yourself use the mobile phone for entertainment - and a time period that you feel is comfortable and adequate. True, no one is watching you work from home - but don’t take advantage of that! Try to develop positive personal habits instead.


Say No to Pajamas - Create a Working Space 

Working in pajamas from the bed is definitely a bad sign. Staying in bed the whole day does not motivate you nor does it improve productivity. When working from home, the key to high productivity and efficiency is to create a working spirit.


Nevertheless, even strong motivation for work is not always enough. Most likely, you will be distracted or want to procrastinate. The ideal option is to arrange a separate workspace at your place.


If you are in a one-room apartment - arrange a desk and chair to simulate an office space. If there is no opportunity to arrange a separate space, use a table in the kitchen. For sure there may be some obstacles, but if you overcome your own challenges, you can develop even greater willpower.


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Communication is Essential

It’s important to keep up conversations with team members. We know how not seeing your co-workers for a long time could make you feel lonely and impact your social wellness.


Video calls allow you to maintain an emotional connection and not lose contact with the team. Just make sure not to turn your whole day into a continuous call. 


Here are some tips for video calls:


  • Arrange weekly calls with the whole team to share results and decide on further actions;
  • Organize informal calls - an online version of office coffee breaks.
  • If your actions and productivity depend on other team members, implement daily stand-ups. It is a perfect way to share personal achievements, discuss ongoing projects, and ask for assistance from your team. 
  • Organize a community with your colleagues through Panion Communities - and you’ll have a perfect place for those small talks before meetings or near the watercooler just like you had at the office!


Work hours matter

In remote work, a clear schedule and the ability to separate the personal from the professional is important. Even if you have urgent tasks, it does not negate the need for strict discipline. It is advisable to keep the office schedule (especially if other team members are depending on you!).


Keep in mind :


  • Remember your  morning routine - keep up with your regular schedule and try waking up at the same time as before
  • End your day as if you were leaving the office- do not schedule a  meeting after the work hours, give your brain a rest.
  • Do household chores either before work, or after, but not during.


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No Time Spent In a Commute - More Time For Yourself

Don’t forget to enjoy the work you do and avoid overwhelming yourself - being too productive can lead to professional burnout. Having a nice distraction after a hard “office” day is the best self-care, and having your office at home means you can start right after it’s over!


More time means more opportunities to try new things or master the hobbies you already have - take an online yoga class, or spend time drawing the sunset from your balcony. If you organize your day properly you’ll be surprised by how many things you manage to do in one day.


Remote work is not for everyone and can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Master your self-discipline with proper time management and then enjoy all the perks of a remote work lifestyle.


Who knows, maybe after some adjustment time you’ll find that it’s the perfect strategy for high performance and great work/life balance.

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Volodymyr Tarhonskyi
Volodymyr Tarhonskyi
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