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Top 4 Bars and Clubs in Stockholm for Expats and Travelers

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Dancing, listening to music, and enjoying a cocktail can be the social lubricant needed to get out of your comfort zone, meet fellow expats or travelers, or get to know a new friend. We picked out the best bars and clubs in Stockholm for partying for both expats and travelers. Maybe you're meeting an online friend IRL for the first time? Head out to one of these spots! Or, perhaps you just want to get out and explore the exciting Stockholm nightlife? Find yourself at one of these watering holes on a Friday night.


Whether you're just visiting Stockholm and looking to have a cocktail (or two), or perhaps you're an expat and craving a night of swaying to the beats, we've put together this guide for partying in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Use our guide to find the best bars and clubs for expats in Stockholm. Photo by Matan Segev.

Malmskillnadsgatan 45, 116 46 Stockholm

As they say on the website, at MELT ‘you will enjoy luxurious cocktails, eclectic cuisine, world-class entertainment, and an experience unlike anything else in the city’. We couldn’t agree more. MELT offers performances like singing, burlesque and acrobats, good drinks, fantastic music, and 20’s atmosphere. It is really different from the clubs that you know.

Tegnérgatan 10

Bierhaus is loved both by locals and expats. If you secretly dream about going to Oktoberfest you should visit this place – I experienced both and I can’t say which one I love more! High-quality beer, a non-formal atmosphere, and surprisingly good food will make you come back there every time when you want to meet your friends and have a cool evening.

Brunkebergstorg 2-4

Ready for the best view of Stockholm from 48 meters above sea level? Visit Tak (Swedish roof). If the view doesn’t convince you, you should know that Tak offers a variety of drinks, organic wines and snacks, and an unforgettable feeling of elegant Swedish-Japanese design. Worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

Tjärhovsgatan 4

Kvarnen is a local with a long tradition. When you plan your visit there, come a bit earlier and try the food offered by the restaurant. It is a good place to taste classics like Swedish meatballs or pickled herring. And after dinner with your friends, enjoy good beer served unstoppably since 1908. In this case, over 100 years of experience equals 100% of quality.


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Party in Stockholm and meet new friends. Photo by Martin Lopez.


Pro-Tips for Partying in Stockholm


  • Best areas for partying: Your best bet for finding party central in Stockholm, is to head to either the Södermalm or Stureplan areas. 


  • Transportation: You can easily access either of the above areas by subway but remember, the subway doesn’t follow the regular schedule on weekends. Prepare yourself for waiting. Alternatively, you may take a taxi, although ordering an Uber is almost impossible on a Friday night, and taxis are often overpriced.


  • Drinking: A good quality beer will run you about 50-60 kronor and a glass of wine about 70-80 kronor. Cocktails are usually pricier. Note, you can pay everywhere with a card, but not always with cash.


  • Eating: In need of a late-night snack after dancing the night away? Stockholm locals know to make their way to MAX - your neighborhood burger joint with a healthy twist (it's vegan and vegetarian-friendly!)

Got another favorite bar or club in Stockholm? Let us know!


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