Alone in desert
Friendships can no longer be defined by the number of years you've been friends, its becoming more apparent that in the 21st century all of us need to consider the idea of short-term friendships. We have to open ourselves up to the possibility of having close friends that we know will only last for a short while.
Johnny holding d20 dice.
As an adult, keeping up with friends from back home can be difficult, especially if you've fallen out of touch over the years. But the common bonds you had growing up are probably still there. Read Johnny's story of how he reconnected with an old friend through their shared childhood interest of fantasy worlds.
Two women on swings
Being an adult kinda sucks. Work, bills, taxes... with all the responsibilities that come with being an adult, it can be difficult to find time to maintain the relationships that are most important to you. While bills, work and other obligations may feel like chores, friendship shouldn't. Check out our simple tips to...