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New Feature: Introducing Gatherings from Panion

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We’re always working to make sure that your experience on Panion is the very best it can be. We love hearing your feedback on what features you’d like to see, or how we can help you make better, more long-lasting connections.


That’s why we are proud to announce Gatherings


With Gatherings, you can easily form spontaneous group activities based on mutual interest. You simply create an event than wait for other potential panions to join. So, let’s say you’ve got a craving for beach volleyball but no one to help you set up the net. Create a beach volleyball Gathering in your area and let the volleyball players start rolling in. Before you know it you’ve got yourself a game of six-on-six. 


As the event creator, you’re also able to approve those joining your Gathering. Perhaps you’re looking to host an event specifically for female panions who love to travel - as host, you’ll be able to see who requests to join your Gathering and make sure they fit the theme by approving only those who fit your request. 


Here’s how to create your first Gathering!


Step 1: Go to your Matches screen


After opening the Panion app, you’ll see a ‘+’ in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This ‘+’ lets you create a new Gathering.


Gatherings from Panion
Use the '+' at the top right hand of the screen to add a new Gathering.


Step 2: Create a Gathering


What type of Gathering would you like to host? Beach volleyball? Hiking? Drinking a cold beer? Choose one of our Gathering ideas or opt to create a custom Gathering by using the text field below your profile picture. Once you decide on your type of Gathering, click ‘Next’.


Gatherings from Panion
Choose the type of Gathering you want to host.


Step 3: Choose the Time and Date


Gatherings are made to be spontaneous, so when creating a Gathering, you can choose to host your Gathering on the same day, or the day after. You have the option to add a start time, or you can go with the flow and coordinate a time to meet once enough people have joined the Gathering.


Gatherings from Panion
Choose the day and time you want to host your Gathering on.


Step 4: Choose to post the Gathering publicly or within one of your Communities


You have the choice to make your event private to a Community or can keep your Gathering public and open it up to even more new friends. Click ‘Create’ to finish up your Gathering.


Gatherings by Panion
Opt to keep your event public, or share only within one of your communities.


Woot! Now you’ve created a Gathering!


Congrats - you’ve got yourself a Gathering ready to be published. Click the ‘Publish’ button and your Gathering will immediately go live. 



Gatherings from Panion
Publish your Gathering and let the new friends roll in.



Step 5: Select a Location


Put the finishing touches on your Gathering by selecting a location to meet up with your potential panions. Simply click on the map or the address field to choose a location, then drop a pin or enter an address to establish the meeting point. 


Gatherings by Panion
Use the address field or map to choose a location for your Gathering.




Step 6: Invite your Friends


Now that you’ve got your time, date, and location set, you have a chance to invite your new panions and people you know to your Gathering! Don’t worry if you have no one to invite - your Gathering will be visible to nearby people who are interested in the activity and will also be visible on your profile.  Potential panions can request to join your Gathering and as the host, you are able to approve those you want to join. 


Gatherings by Panion
Invite your existing friends on Panion to your Gathering.


Once you’ve completed this process you can check out your Gathering in your Calendar or make additional changes to it by heading to the Profile screen. 


Gatherings by Panion
See your Gathering in your Calendar.


It’s that easy to create a Gathering and to let new and old friends join in the fun! 

Erika Tepler
Erika Tepler
Erika was an ESL teacher for 13 years before she became a marketer. She loves traveling and spending lots of time with old and new friends.