Matchmaking for communities

How matchmaking can benefit your community

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Matchmaking is a powerful way of bringing the right people together in the right place, sparking genuine connections and authentic engagement. But surprisingly, it’s not a feature seen on most major community platforms, nor is it spoken about nearly enough. The truth is, a matchmaking tool can completely change the way a community engages with one another, and help improve metrics without additional work for the Community Manager. Here, we take a closer look at three ways in which a matchmaking tool can benefit a community.

1. Members can meet like-minded individuals

With a matchmaking tool in place, community members can set the criteria for their search and instantly find and connect with like-minded individuals. The criteria could include anything, including age, location, interests, and even professional goals; and will help establish a solid ground to form more genuine connections. Because members are connecting with like-minded people, Community Managers will see:


- Smoother onboarding and platform adoption for members.

- Mentoring and skill-sharing opportunities are being explored.

- Business and collaboration opportunities.

- Improved engagement and investment from community members.

- More time spent within the community.

2. Members and Community Managers save time and energy

Finding like-minded people by searching through profiles or engaging with posted content is possible, but it’s also very time-consuming. Having a matchmaking tool in place allows those members who are eager to connect and engage to cut the long process of waiting for genuine connections to form, and rather, skip to a point where it’s already set up for them, without needing input from a Community Manager.

3. Matchmaking in a community is safe and reliable

Besides the fact that online spaces can be significantly safer and more convenient than traditional in-person events or meetings, members of a community can be thoroughly screened beforehand by the Community Manager. And because matchmaking relies on powerful algorithms - which process the details and information of every member profile - the chances of finding like-minded people in a community are significantly increased.


Panion is one of the very few community platforms available today that allows community members to do matchmaking. With its powerful and intuitive algorithms, members can find and connect with people in a matter of minutes, without the need for the Community Manager to be involved in the process. Additionally, Panion is available on desktop and on mobile for both Android and IOS, meaning that members can connect on the go, no matter where they are. If you’d like to know how Panion’s matchmaking tool can benefit your community, be sure to book a demo today.

Edwain Steenkamp Content Editor and Writer at Panion
Edwain Steenkamp
Having worked in the media industry for 10 years, Edwain has a deep love for people and communication. As a part of the Panion team, he strives to inform, connect and inspire people from different parts of the world.