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Since 2018, Panion, as a friendship app, has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world make genuine in-person connections based on shared interests and activities. A few months into the pandemic, we decided that for the next chapter of our journey, we would no longer focus on a customer-centric matchmaking solution, but rather pivot our offering into a community engagement platform for organizations and businesses. While we will always stay true to our core mission of enabling more meaningful and impactful connections, this shift has resulted in a few big changes with our relaunched platform.


Drawing insights from the unique challenges of the pandemic and how it has affected communication and networking, we have brought to life new and intuitive features. The features not only help Community Managers to effectively run their communities but also bring community members closer together by fostering genuine and authentic connections. Panion is the answer to any community looking to connect in a post-pandemic world. Now, as we launch our new offering, we’re excited to share some of these features.



Community Managers will now have the option to screen all joining members. Through an application with a set of questions, Community Managers can ensure that any member wanting to join is a best fit for the community, keeping the space focused, secure and valuable.


Highly personalized profiles

Community Managers will now be able to set pre-selected questions for members to answer, which will appear on their profiles. This, along with other important data that members can fill in, means that each profile is detailed and highly personal.


Advanced search and filtering

Due to the rich information available on each profile, advanced search and filtering options are available to every member. Whether it’s age, location, language, or interests, members can search and find like-minded people and get connected with just a click of a button.


Discussion groups

Along with a general ‘Discussion Group’ (to which all members will have access to, with the ability to post and share content and media, comment and react to posts, share events and more), Community Managers and members will also have the ability to create ‘Private Discussion Groups’. These private discussion groups can be focused on specific topics or goals and will only be visible to members that have been granted access.


Advanced admin settings

Our new admin settings make community management easier than ever. Community Managers will have complete control over many key features and functionalities, including screening, profile customizations, invitation settings, community visibility, and more.


Virtual and in-person event capabilities

Knowing how important it is to have a hybrid approach to events, Panion now offers the ‘Activities’ space. Here, Community Managers and members can create and manage their events. Each events page is detailed and easy to navigate and can be shared easily within the platform with other members. Additionally, all past events are archived, so that members can go back, reconnect with other attendees or reach out to the organizers.


Future features

Panion is also currently working with top researchers and developers in the field to launch new and exciting features in the future. Chief among these will be a powerful and intuitive Matchmaking tool. Through this, mentors can search for mentees based on common interests and goals, and vice versa. This will be a revolutionary way of making valuable and lasting professional connections.


The Panion team is looking forward to the year ahead, and having you be part of the journey every step of the way! If you’d like to know more about our product, follow these quick links to revolutionize your community today:


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Edwain Steenkamp Content Editor and Writer at Panion
Edwain Steenkamp
Having worked in the media industry for 10 years, Edwain has a deep love for people and communication. As a part of the Panion team, he strives to inform, connect and inspire people from different parts of the world.