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5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Using Technology

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The competitive job market and external forces continue to rewrite the rules that govern our industries and our interpersonal relationships, which are becoming increasingly relevant and intertwined more inextricably.


This, in effect, allows business leaders to reconsider how talent is understood, handled, and controlled by organizations.


Successful companies retain technology consulting services to develop scalable workplace solutions that fit with their corporate plan to improve employee engagement and efficiency, build resilience, and drive business outcomes.


Advancing technology has identified new engagement rules for growing employees' productivity potential. Engagement remains a significant aspect of success, motivation, and efficiency for companies today.


Individuals work at higher stress rates in human age as a result of increasingly aggressive productivity targets that allow them to achieve more in less time with fewer resources.


Let's look at five ways organizations are using technology to improve employee engagement:

1. Working together is the power


A variety of forms of communication now allow employees to be in constant touch. Google hangouts, texts, Skype, or phone calls all help everyone, including workers at distant locations involved, and all direct information is shared through files and documents almost instantaneously.


All employees who feel they are helped by modern technology are bound to feel thankful & more engaged.

2. Use of technology in sourcing


The market is flooded with outlets for recruiting candidates. This is why companies need to use the right sourcing tools that can give them in-depth insights into talent trends and help them achieve business goals.


Recruiting processes are more efficient and companies can adapt to recruiting demands faster and more efficiently with agile sourcing solutions that are aligned with talent and business strategies.


This allows HR professionals within the organization to quickly deploy tools that give them an edge in identifying hard-to-find candidates.


The right sourcing development system helps recruiters to cut through the noise quickly and to introduce the most effective ways of fulfilling the organization's talent needs.


This also allows recruiters the ability to experiment with the new technology, develop their expertise, and extend their network of candidates. This impacts the overall effectiveness of the efforts to obtain sourcing.


engage employees with technology
Engage your employees with technology. 


3. Incorporate a gamification system


The key to staying relevant in a growing workplace is to grow a hungry mind and never cease learning.


Employers do need to ensure that workers have the opportunity to learn, creating an environment that promotes learning engagement and promotes opportunity is very critical.


It is the organization's responsibility to make extra efforts to skill the employees, providing them with adequate training to adapt to new technology.


Another way of promoting interaction may be the use of gamification. Gamification is thrilling because it aims to make fun of life's difficult stuff.


For Instance: Employee training in social media skills can be provided through a multi-level training system that allows learners to progress through the ranks and get the ultimate title of a social media "Master".


Gamification strategies can be used to train sales professionals in the product/service line specifics and intricacies to allow them to respond efficiently when selling to customer requests.

4. Incorporate virtual and smartphone learning


Online and mobile learning is shifting employee standards. The employee of today leads a multifaceted and busy life in which they have to balance work with their personal lives.


Therefore it is important that you provide workers with access to learning material and full training at a time and place convenient to them.


By promoting mobile learning, it enhances employee passion for learning. Employees find it much more convenient and are happy to be allowed to complete these learning programs as and when they feel from their devices.

5. Acknowledgment, Reviews, help, and support system at work


The workers feel the need to be paid, inspired, committed, and matched with the philosophy and strategy of the company.


Technology such as Panion may assist companies in developing and sustaining an enjoyable workforce, inspiring, and quickly and efficiently rewarding workers.


The virtual appreciation of a well-done job significantly amplifies employee motivation.


Additionally, online channels provide a streamlined, real-time mechanism for monitoring and recognizing success and accomplishment, and finding and providing employee input.


Adding creative and meaningful rewards to this approach can add value to the achievements and provide additional incentives to exceed metrics.


Some incentives can be distributed immediately, such as electronic gift cards, which enhances employer satisfaction and improves employee engagement.


We hope this article helped you adopt better employment engagement strategies using technology to increase productivity.


Let us know which strategies you liked and which are you planning to adopt at connect@panion.io. If you’re ready to implement forward-thinking technology, you can book a demo today!

Erika Tepler
Erika Tepler
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