Community trends for 2022

5 Community trends for 2022

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As a Community Manager, you know just how dynamic the world of communities is. More than just being dynamic, it’s ever-evolving, too. What worked as a content strategy two years ago seems archaic now, and features that drove engagement just last year, suddenly seem obsolete. While it may be true that change is a constant, we can expect at least five community trends for 2022. Here we take a look at them in more detail, and how you can expect them to affect both your community management as well as your members.

Community migration

As we continue navigating the post-Covid world, a greater demand for connection is clear. Individuals and businesses alike are seeking new and more authentic ways of connecting and engaging. 2022 will see greater migration towards formal community platforms that prioritize user needs. Think of existing Facebook or WhatsApp communities for instance. More of these communities will now seek new, more advanced platforms that can facilitate events, member matchmaking, data analysis, and more. While on the other hand, a greater number of businesses will seek to establish communities in order to reach and engage with consumers in a more authentic and meaningful way.

Hybrid activities

As restrictions slowly start easing across the world, Community Managers are faced with a unique challenge: facilitating both in-person and online events. Hybrid events will be a cornerstone of communities in the year ahead, and Community Manager will need a platform that can facilitate them. Community members on the other hand will expect a seamless experience as they navigate between the various events they’d like to attend.

Data and science-driven experience

With rapid changes across the world since the pandemic started (especially the mass digitalization of businesses and their operations), Community Managers will draw on data and science to manage their communities and improve the member experience. Not to be confused with community metrics (which remain important still), the data and science will draw on wider fields of study related to consumerism, digital user trends, and even anthropology. On a practical level, this means that a community strategy will no longer happen in isolation, but be a product of real-world studies and insights.

Community monetization

Consumers’ behavior has changed drastically in the last two years, and businesses are exploring new ways of driving sales and profits. Communities are one avenue where businesses will concentrate their efforts in the year ahead. With communities being spaces where people are encouraged to engage, connect, and share feedback, they are the ideal spaces to gain greater insights into customer mindsets and behaviors. By monitoring engagement metrics, observing interactions with content and events, and even posting polls and asking for feedback, Community Managers can access and determine insights that social media, for instance, could never allow. In turn, these insights could be used for businesses to better inform their sales strategies in more authentic and practical ways.

The role of the Community Manager

One thing is for sure, the world of communities is rapidly changing. While some trends may come and go, what Community Managers can be sure of, is that they will have to remain agile, adaptive, and responsive to their community members. Staying abreast of the latest news and insights, and drawing from community experts are all a sure way of keeping your pulse on the changes happening out there. Community Managers can also expect to draw on more related fields in their day-to-day work, like marketing, and even gamification in order to improve member experience and monetize the community.


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