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10 Tips for Getting Started with Panion

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Thanks for checking out Panion. We’re so happy to have you here! For some people, making new friends can feel like a daunting task, but that’s where we come in. To help get you started on your Panion journey, we’ve compiled this list of 10 quick tips to help you get the most out of the app.


Ready to start making panions? Here’s how to make sure you get the full Panion experience once you've downloaded the app:  

Tip #1: Add keywords to make yourself findable.


You might already know that Panion is entirely keyword-searchable. This means that if you’re looking for the peanut butter to your jelly, you can easily search for someone who shares your interests and passions. 


For instance, say you’re a yoga-loving, music-playing foodie with a passion for ping pong. Searching by keyword allows you to filter through the Panion community to find other yogis who love a good jam sesh along with some delicious brunch and a good ‘ol game of table tennis. 


We want you to find others who really get you, and keywords help you do that.

Tip #2: Add personality through profile questions.


You’re one-of-a-kind and your profile should showcase that! Answering questions in your profile is a great way for others to get a sneak peek into your unique personality. It gives people an idea of who you are and what you’re all about.


Answering multiple questions greatly increases the likelihood of finding new friends and making more connections. Get creative and have fun!

Tip #3: Let people know what you’re looking for.


At Panion, we are all about meeting in person to make real connections with real people. Some people want a squash partner while others would like a dinner companion.


Some panions would like to make professional contacts while others want to meet buddies they can grab a beer with.


Panion allows you to specify the exact types of relationships you’re looking for so everyone is on the same page. Maybe you want to meet other entrepreneurs or a travel buddy to join you on your next adventure. Make it clear in your profile. 

Tip #4: Fill out your bio.


In your profile, you have the chance to give a little more detail on you and your life. Let others know where you’re located, what you do for work, and what languages you speak.


This basic info can yield even more commonalities between you and your new friend. Maybe you’re both Italian-speaking volleyballers who live in Barcelona? Who knew there was more than one of you?! Add some basic info and find out! 


find friends and meetup
Your new group of friends is waiting for you. 


Tip #5: Join a Community.


Think of Communities as a digital filter for finding new friends in real life networks you’re already part of.


Communities are all united by a common interest or subject, for example, an alumni organization or an expat group in a certain city. Within your Community, you can also filter and search for new friends who share your interests.

Tip #6: Start a Gathering. 


In the mood for a game of beach volleyball? Or a desire to practice your bowling skills? Start a Gathering to meet new people to do fun activities with. Gatherings are made to be spontaneous.


Starting one is easy, in fact, you can check out how in this tutorial. Simply choose one of our preset suggested activities, or create your own.


Invite those within a Community, or open your Gathering up to the public to gather a group for something fun.

Tip #7: Add multiple photos to show the real YOU.


Don’t hide behind hats or sunglasses, or people won’t recognize you at your next Gathering! Well-lit photos that show your face perform 7x better than those that conceal your identity.


Transparency with your photos helps people feel comfortable planning their next activity with you.


We recommend adding a photo to each side of your personality. Try adding a picture of you doing your favorite activity or hobby, or a photo of you with your beloved pet, or at your favorite travel destination. Show the Panion community the things you love and value. 


find friends with pets and sports
Are you a dog-loving paddleboarder? 


Tip #8: Send a high five.


A high five is the quickest and simplest way of starting to make new friends with people near you. A high five shows your interest in a low-pressure way.


It alerts your new potential friend that you’re interested in connecting and then puts the ball in their court. High fives are an easy way to start interacting when you first dive into the app.

Tip #9: Check out your calendar.


The life of a social butterfly can be tough! With so many coffee dates, museum strolls, and park hangouts to attend to, how can you keep track of it all?


Panion has a handy calendar built into the app to help you handle all the activities you plan with your new panions. It will hold all of your Gatherings as well. Did we mention you can sync it with your other calendars?

Tip #10: Take it offline. 


Don’t get us wrong, pen pals are super fun, but Panion is made for you to meet your new friends IRL. Remember to go with your gut and be sure to check out our online safety guide before meeting a new friend in person.


We are excited to hear how it goes with your first panion and would love for you to share your Panion stories so we can share them with the community. Feel free to also reach out with any questions or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Have a great time out there!


Erika Tepler
Erika Tepler
Erika was an ESL teacher for 13 years before she became a marketer. She loves traveling and spending lots of time with old and new friends.