Melanie Aronson thinking
COVID-19 has opened up a pandora’s box where mentally stable people are suddenly experiencing for the first time how it feels to struggle with your mental health. Melanie, founder of Panion, shares her coping mechanisms for dealing with isolation.
quarantine mental health
As many of us enter quarantine, mental health becomes a greater concern. Suddenly we feel so powerless that we forget about all the things that we can do to stay sane and happy.
bored woman on phone
We are all feeling a little lonely in coronavirus quarantine. Let's stay connected despite the social distancing and nurture our emotional wellbeing.
loneliness and remote work
When I resigned from my full-time job in February 2019, I felt like I could breathe again for the first time in months.
digital nomad how to make friends
Maggie is a digital nomad who enjoys her freedom to travel the world. She talked to Panion about how she gained location independence as well as how she organizes her nomadic lifestyle to maintain her social and emotional wellness.
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Get started with Panion to meet new people near you. With these tips you'll be ready to schedule your next gathering with new friends in your area.