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Empowering people to create more
meaningful connections

Build a fun and welcoming culture

Build a fun and
welcoming culture

Connect people to a private built-in social network and give them an exciting way to express their individuality. Encourage socialization, both in-person and online, to create an inclusive culture for your organization. Provide an opportunity for constant, authentic engagement. 

Find unlikely connections

Find unlikely connections

With a quick keyword search, users can easily find new people with specific interests or goals. Social connections reduce barriers, build trust and lead to valuable knowledge exchange.

Increase social interaction and  improve wellness

Increase social interaction and 
improve wellness

Foster new relationships within your network by hosting events and enabling people to form group activities around a common interest.

Bring togetherness across time zones

Bring togetherness across time zones

Panion Communities humanizes remote experiences by providing a virtual space for people to socialize despite the distance. 

Integrate new members with ease

Integrate new members with ease

Welcome new people to your community by providing an immediate sense of belonging. Give newcomers a tool to seamlessly integrate and feel accepted. Improve the employee relocation experience with instant access to a social life.

Take the pulse of your organization

Take the pulse of your organization

Gain a deeper understanding into your community’s wants, needs and activities with real time data and sentiment analysis. Identify engagement obstacles and track success.

The world’s simplest community engagement tool

Simple to use

Anyone can connect with other members, host an event or propose a spontaneous activity.

Easy to administer

Assign administrators, coordinators, and volunteers to your community or individual events.

Easily searchable

Finding members and the information they share is seamless and efficient.

Quick setup

Onboarding takes minutes and our intuitive features means there’s no learning curve.


We ensure the utmost security for your data and offer built-in privacy settings for your members.

Built for mobile

While work is often easier on your computer, staying social has become a more naturally mobile experience.

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